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1. Do you think that there should be one Federal law that stipulates equal rights for all citizens throughout the USA, with a clear listing just like the Mexican Constitution?


2. Do you think that the USA should have a citizen ID card, to be used for the census, voting and any other interaction with the government, paid for by the government?


3. Do you believe that all appointed and elected Federal officials should have term limits?


4. Do you think that all newly or re-elected Congress members should be on probation and have to prove that they're doing their jobs?


5. Do you feel that all Congress members should be required to put in a normal work week, with no more work three days and take four off?


6. Do you think that there should be campaign financing limits and a limit of three months for campaigning?


7. Do you feel that there should be a real separation of Church and Government?


8. Do you think that federal, non-military workers should be on the same type of medical coverage plan as the average citizen is offered?


9. Do you feel that government workers should pay into the Social Security system and have the same retirement plans as the average citizen is offered?


10. Do you think that the President should have line item veto power, to prevent Congress from tacking on unrelated laws to original proposals?


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